What to pack when you travel

Did ever happened that you went on a trip and you wished that you packed differently? Well, that should never happened to anybody. But just to be on the safe side, find below some useful stuff for when you are traveling.

1. Pack your valuables in your carry-on.

Don’t risk losing valuables or items you can’t travel without (passport, visa, medications, etc.) and put them in your carry-on luggage. Of course, these days, you won’t be able to get through airport security without your passport, but if you’re taking jewelry or allergy medicine with you, you’ll want to pack it in a carry-on bag so that it won’t be lost in the event of misplaced baggage en-route.

2. Avoid extra luggage fees.

Invest in some luggage scales and make sure you weigh your bags on both legs of the journey to see how close you are to reaching the weight limit. If you’re close to the limit, consider wearing some of the heavier items or cutting down on what you pack in the first place.

3.Europe power adapter

The most common outlets in Europe include Type C, E, F and G. For this reason we recommend bringing an international power adapter that will work in almost all European countries (except for Italy and Switzerland).

4.Travel insurance

Is a must when traveling to Europe. If you get sick and need to see a doctor your local insurance company simply won’t cover the costs. Things can always go wrong; (and for a tiny fraction of your trip cost) travel insurance will take care of you if they do, and give you peace-of-mind even if they don’t.

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