10 reasons why you should visit Europe

Are you planning your next adventure? Dreaming about an European vacation since college?

Well, you should stop dreaming and do it now. Wondering why? Find below 10 of the most important reasons why you should visit Eastern Europe!

1.History- Nowhere is history as abundant and palpable as it is in Europe. Each backstreet and hidden corner here has been witness to an amazing past.

2.Museums- There’s no secret Europe boasts the largest and most prestigious collections of art in the world.

3.Architecture- From the spectacular Renaissance allure of Italy and the eye-catching Moorish remains of Spain to the splendid Gothic cathedrals of England and Central Europe, Europe has the greatest variety of architectural styles in the world.

4.People- European nations might be different in many ways, but overall, they are smart, educated, open-minded, warm, and beautiful.

5.The mix of old and new- which makes this continent so special. Mighty cathedrals stand side by side with 21st-century architectural gems; gleaming marbled palazzi house upscale fashion boutiques; and trendy cafés breath new life into historic squares.

6.The variety of nature- There’s absolutely nothing you cannot find in Europe, from mountains and seas to dense forests, gentle meadows, rolling hills, spectacular fjords, glacier lakes, picturesque vineyards, and scented fields of wildflowers.

7.Midnight sun- Excepting Alaska, Europe is the only place in the world where you can experience at least two weeks of continuous sunlight. And you can do it with plenty of festivals and celebrations.

8.Nightlife- Europe prides itself with the most fashionable nightlife scene on the planet.

9.Old style life-Sure, you’ll find some McDonald’s here and there, but Eastern Europe is still Eastern Europe. Grandmas still sweep their doorsteps with handmade brooms, mushrooms are still picked in the forest, folk costumes are still worn in some regions, and traditions that go back centuries are still performed with pride.

10.Castles- Each corner of Europe has its fair share of castles waiting to be explored.

But as foreign investors grab hold of land and markets, the old world charm of Eastern Europe is slowly evaporating. In the future, potato chips may replace blini, historic artifacts may be lost, and reliable mainstays, like Lenin’s Body may finally be laid to rest. Cities are growing and rural areas that have maintained traditions are becoming urbanized. Capitalism and commercialism have invaded. So come now to experience why the Eastern Europe of today is so unique, beautiful, and welcoming.

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