5 things you didn’t know about Eastern Europe

Traveling in Eastern Europe can be a unique and interesting experience. Here is the place where hundreds of different cultures, histories, terrains and languages are closer than you think. So have a look at some interesting facts about these countries and their people.

1.It’s home to the second largest building in the world

After the Pentagon in Washington DC, the Romanian Palace of Parliament in Bucharest is the second largest building in the world; but don’t feel too sorry for it, as it holds the accolade of being the largest civilian building. It is also strangely said to be the heaviest building in the world (although how people measure that we don’t know). The building was conceived by the dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, who is said to have modelled it on Buckingham Palace in London. It was named the Casa Poporului, or House of the People; somewhat ironic as vast swathes of the city were leveled to facilitate is construction.

2.John Lennon is worshipped in Prague

The John Lennon Wall in Prague can be found just left of The John Lennon Pub next door to The John Lennon Gift Shop. Graffiti that represents peace and love has been layered onto this wall since the 1980’s.


One reason to travel to Eastern Europe is all the great goos you can buy. Precious and semi-precious stones, music, books, toys, crafts, textiles, baskets, embroidery, traditional hats, military memorabilia, and even some food and drink items will have you leaving Eastern Europe with your suitcase full.

4.Many countries don’t use the Euro.

Keep in mind when traveling in Europe that money is not interchangeable across all borders, especially when one gets to the Eastern side. The Euro is only used in 17 European countries; the rest have their own monetary system, including Poland, Russia, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine.

5.Castles abound all over Eastern Europe.

This is one of the many draws for tourism in the area. From the Bran Castle in Romania, known as the home of Count Dracula, to the largest castle in the world, Prague Castle in Czech Republic, there’s a fairytale landscape for any history buff or adventure traveler. Just be on the lookout for any haunted corridors.

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