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About us

We are a small group of friends that started traveling in Eastern Europe from a very young age together with our parents already during the dark times of communism, under the iron curtain.

We got great knowledge and appreciation for our countries and soon, we decided that we want to do more for our countries than just visit them. After many talks and plans we decided to start the project of Eastern European Experience Travel in order to offer to travelers from all around unique experiences in our countries.

Our tours are created by us, based on our experiences and using places were we like to go with our families & friends. This is how we can offer to you first hand knowledge and expertise about the area. All our tours are guided by a handful of carefully selected fully licensed local guides with great experience working for us so you when you are on a tour you have the chance to find out more about the country you are traveling in from every aspect of it.

We like to make sure that you will have great experiences while traveling, and what better way to discover a country than by and with its locals. All of our tours are taking you through villages and unbeaten paths so that you meet the local people and craftsmen, the real heart of Eastern Europe. We always like to say that we are in the business of creating great memories not just tours, so join us in exploring a unique part of the world filled with history and legends.

Looking forward welcoming you in one of our countries.

Stefan, Alex, Teo & Adriana